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Why can’t I find a discount?

Our dedicated team is actively working to secure as many military discounts as possible, but it’s possible that there are some we haven’t found yet. If you know of a business that has a discount, please let us know by submitting the business on our website, or on the Deal Patrol app.

Why isn’t anything showing up in my location?

Not every location has discounts for every category yet — but trust us, we’re working hard to display as many military discounts as we can. If you can’t find a discount in your location, try expanding your search area or looking in a different category. If you find a discount that Deal Patrol doesn’t know about yet, please submit them through our website, or on the Deal Patrol app.

Why is it only for military?

Many retailers offer military discounts to thank military members for their service. Some merchants offer the discounts to military dependents, veterans, retirees, and others affiliated with the military. Please reach out to individual retailers for questions about who is eligible. At a minimum, all active-duty qualify for the advertised discount.

How do I submit a discount?

You can submit a discount through our website ( or on the app. A link to the deal submission page is also available on the mobile app under the Settings tab. Once you submit a discount, our team will review the discount, verify the discount, and add it to the Deal Patrol mobile app.

How do I report a discount is unavailable?

If you notice a discount is inaccurate or the business details are incorrect, you can report a discount as “unavailable” in the mobile app. The “Report Unavailable” button is below the “Add to My Discounts” button on the discount details page. Once you report the discount, our team will review the report and correct or remove the discount.

Why should I create an account?

Creating an account allows you to save discounts to your account to access instantly.

Why aren’t there any Veterans Day discounts?

We’re creating a database of discounts that apply on a regular basis, unlike Veterans Day discounts that apply one day and are unavailable the other 364 days of the year.

Is Deal Patrol free for both the military community and businesses to use?

Yes, Deal Patrol is free for all to use. When using the app, you may notice a banner ad at the top of your screen. These advertisers give us a small fee when their ad is clicked, so please support these businesses. Deal Patrol then gives 10% of all ad revenue right back to military charities.

Why isn't there a feature that allows users to sort for the biggest discounts?

Unfortunately, this isn't possible because not all businesses give a standard percentage off (i.e. 10% off, 20% off). For example, some businesses may offer a free drink for military on Tuesdays. Because of this, we cannot sort discounts from low to high at the moment.